Lost at sea against Weymouth

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. The rotten start to Chesham United’s season continues; in fact it continues to get worse. It is far too early to call it a crisis, but it really is not looking good. It was a big ask to think we might turn things around against Weymouth, but even the pessimists amongst us didn’t expect a 0-5 hammering, did we? If my stats are right, I think we now share the honour with West Ham and Lancaster City as being the only sides in the top ELEVEN divisions of English football to not have a point yet this season. Continue reading “Lost at sea against Weymouth”

week 11: w/c 11th February 2018

Frome Home

A hectic football management week kicked off early on Monday with another call to Andy and a conversation with the Chairman, a man who has very much become a reluctant Chairman. A situation I can sympathise with, the pressure of the finance drains any enjoyment you might otherwise have felt. Your head tells you that the playing budget has to be cut, lots of things must be cut…but the heart, ah the heart, the most influential organ in the body – that tells you something completely different. Continue reading “week 11: w/c 11th February 2018”

Week 9: w/c 28th January 2013

Bashley away / Hemel Hempstead Town away

The week started with a delightful message from one of our turnstile operators. I love the person involved to bits, he is an excellent source for gossip and I don’t think he actually expects me to pick the phone up every time he rings, my answer phone absorbs all the words and allows me to filter through the chatter to uncover the little gems of information that do make my life easier at the club. He was an absolute legend at the time when we were looking for a new bar manager and his little tit-bits of information have served many a purpose ahead of a board meeting, even if I do have to negotiate my way through the exaggerations before arriving at the truth (every person passing through the turnstiles has the same complaint? Really?). Continue reading “Week 9: w/c 28th January 2013”

Week 8: w/c 21st January 2013

Leamington home / Gosport away

I really am now starting to forget what this football game is all about, this week saw the country ground to it’s annual halt with a flurry of snow that sparked health & safety fears all across the country. Hats off to the weather forecasters, they seemed to be spot on with the timings of the snowfall, with Sunday being the picture postcard day, ahead of the big freeze. Local roads remained impressively free flowing, just the side streets that did not get a visit from the gritting lorries causing a few issues, which is difficult because that is where most people start their journeys – and for me that includes a fairly steep hill with card parked either side providing minimal scope for any out of control skids. Continue reading “Week 8: w/c 21st January 2013”