Lost at sea against Weymouth

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. The rotten start to Chesham United’s season continues; in fact it continues to get worse. It is far too early to call it a crisis, but it really is not looking good. It was a big ask to think we might turn things around against Weymouth, but even the pessimists amongst us didn’t expect a 0-5 hammering, did we? If my stats are right, I think we now share the honour with West Ham and Lancaster City as being the only sides in the top ELEVEN divisions of English football to not have a point yet this season. Continue reading “Lost at sea against Weymouth”

Glad it isn’t me!

What a crazy weekend, the old cliche about England grinding to a halt as soon as we get a little bit of snowfall so true once again…but then why wouldn’t it? How much should we spend preparing for something that seems to happen once every two or three years? Anyway, enough of that, for me it just meant a busy sporting weekend became a quiet one…and then the repercussions.
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More than one way to skin a cat

I never dreamt that one day I would ever be jealous of a football team that play in pink.

Back in my Chesham United supporting prime, my early 20’s – no responsibilities, no family to support and no kids to bring up – we had some fantastic days. At times my views and opinions, especially in some of the fanzines produced, did not go down particularly well, but as supporters I think we forged some pretty good relationships that epitomised non-league football.

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