Its went beyond funny

The day Chesham lose 7-0 at Beaconsfield is very sad. When that comes just a few weeks after the humiliation of losing at home to an Aylesbury United struggling in the league below us, and a defeat at Kings Langley, it feels bad. And then when you look at the league table and see that we have four points from eleven games. We have scored just four goals in eleven games. Conceded 33 goals in those eleven games. Someone needs to shout, “what the hell is going on? Enough is enough. Please.” Continue reading “Its went beyond funny”

Duckbusting? More like Grounds for concern…

Nobody could really have expected an overnight transformation following the departure of manager Jon Meakes, but I guess it would not have been unreasonable to be on the look-out for an improved atmosphere, a fresh start and a sniff of new optimism. Instead the shocking performance (hate to use such words, but it really was, so why kid ourselves?) and 3-1 defeat against Aylesbury United last night seemed to leave supporters with more concern than hope, worry rather than excitement, and confusion rather than clarity. Continue reading “Duckbusting? More like Grounds for concern…”

Lost at sea against Weymouth

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. The rotten start to Chesham United’s season continues; in fact it continues to get worse. It is far too early to call it a crisis, but it really is not looking good. It was a big ask to think we might turn things around against Weymouth, but even the pessimists amongst us didn’t expect a 0-5 hammering, did we? If my stats are right, I think we now share the honour with West Ham and Lancaster City as being the only sides in the top ELEVEN divisions of English football to not have a point yet this season. Continue reading “Lost at sea against Weymouth”