Week 8: w/c 21st January 2013

Leamington home / Gosport away

I really am now starting to forget what this football game is all about, this week saw the country ground to it’s annual halt with a flurry of snow that sparked health & safety fears all across the country. Hats off to the weather forecasters, they seemed to be spot on with the timings of the snowfall, with Sunday being the picture postcard day, ahead of the big freeze. Local roads remained impressively free flowing, just the side streets that did not get a visit from the gritting lorries causing a few issues, which is difficult because that is where most people start their journeys – and for me that includes a fairly steep hill with card parked either side providing minimal scope for any out of control skids. Continue reading “Week 8: w/c 21st January 2013”

Glad it isn’t me!

What a crazy weekend, the old cliche about England grinding to a halt as soon as we get a little bit of snowfall so true once again…but then why wouldn’t it? How much should we spend preparing for something that seems to happen once every two or three years? Anyway, enough of that, for me it just meant a busy sporting weekend became a quiet one…and then the repercussions.
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Making Memories

Grrrrr…It felt like leaving a football match. Heading down the steps to the exit at the final whistle we were shouted at by several home fans (who in fairness, were old enough to know better!) with jibes about how they had just beaten us and finished top of the league. “Have fun in Exeter” they mocked. Smug. Teasing. Taunting. Ridiculing. I’ve been there so many times on the football terraces; giving and taking in fairness.

Going to Edinburgh first mate” I smirked back. BOOM! Take that. “Enjoy your weekend off” Smug. Conceited. I wasn’t proud of myself…but hey, what is sport without a bit of banter!

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A Munster Away Day

“IT’S YOU…YOU TWO FECKERS…IT’S YOUR FAULT…After I showed you around Dublin this morning as well, you pair of Feckers…How dare you beat us like that!”

Ben and I were sat in the quiet departure lounge at Dublin airport on Saturday evening when the voice came bellowing across from the entrance to the lounge from the security area. The guy was carrying a Munster flag, wearing a red shirt and a huge smile as he laughed the words out.

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Let’s start with a big thank you to everyone who sponsored Ben and I on our walk to Wembley from Allianz Park, between us we raised nearly £300 for University College Hospital Cancer Fund, collectively the efforts from Sarries fans raised over £15,000 I’m led to believe. Brilliant.

The walk itself was very enjoyable, the result of the match was perfect…but there’s something not quite right about the annual Wembley circus when Saracens play Harlequins.

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Walk to Wembley

Fundraising is never easy nowadays, so many people are doing great things, each with their own story and weblink to make sponsoring easy; yet as friends, families and work colleagues we rarely get around to actually clicking through and making the effort. It’s a real shame, but an accepted reality. Does that stop us trying? Of course not, so please don’t give up on this article just yet!

On April 8th my son, Ben, and I will be joining other Saracens supporters on a sponsored walk from Saracens’ Allianz Park to Wembley for the derby match between Saracens and Harlequins, raising money for the ‘Tackling Cancer Together’ campaign which is all about tackling the impact that cancer can have on patients and their families at University College Hospital.

Now I know there are, sometimes justified, cynics out there that see this sort of fundraising as an excuse to get sponsorship for something you were going to do anyway, but hopefully by sacrificing our more luxurious routine and putting a bit of effort in to think about others by walking, rather than train or driving, others will spare the time to show their appreciation for our effort by sponsoring us. There is no personal gain for Ben or I, we still pay for tickets to the match and we will join the queues to get the train home in the evening after the game.

If you are able to back our efforts, you can sponsor us by clicking here.

Wuss That All About!

I’m very aware of the fact that my Sarries supporting days have coincided with a phenomenal period in their history when winning has become a habit…to a ridiculous level. However, I’d look to defend myself from any glory-hunting tag by virtue of the fact that I did come to the party just BEFORE the glory really started. In fact, I could argue that I am more of a lucky charm than a glory-hunter?

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