Week 1 (Part One): w/c 3rd December 2012

Matches: Tuesday: Home v Weymouth (SLP) / Sunday: Away v Kettering (at Corby)

Confusion still reigns. Are we going for promotion or are we throwing in the proverbial towel on the league season; slashing the playing budget, clearing the debt, building for a title push next season?… or is that just all clichéd tosh that everyone wants to hear because we all like to look at the clubs that are going bust, tut-tutting to ourselves that it is inconceivable that they could get themselves into such debt? When in reality, the steps towards becoming that next club are all too welcoming, and you never know who will be the next to tread that path. Continue reading “Week 1 (Part One): w/c 3rd December 2012”