Chesham Blog

The ramblings and rantings of a Chesham United fan that lived the dream – Joined the Board, became Chairman…and truly discovered how tough, how bitter, lonely and challenging it can be doing something you feel you should love….but also so very rewarding.

A rolling stone gathers no moss

Last night I made the first visit of the season to Chesham United, in fact it felt like my first visit to Chesham for ages with the tail-end of last season dominated by thoroughly enjoying watching Saracens complete the League and European Cup double. Last night was just a friendly, but a very impressive performance.

The agony of choice

Predictably the regular blogs have fallen by the wayside as rugby comes along and eats up its fair share of my time for both writing and watching, but there is still a passion there for Chesham United. Still an interest…and finally now a point on the board, and two cup victories to celebrate.

Evening All

Two games in. Two defeats. No goals scored. Not the best possible start to the season, especially as the most recent defeat came in a game played against 10 men for over 80 minutes. But it is early days. No need to  panic. But not a time to gloss over things either.

Football’s coming…back

So after a World Cup that made it ok to want England to win again, the pre-season friendlies have come around again, the fixtures are out and it is time to start getting excited again for months of heartache, frustration, disappointment and maybe a bit of cheer along the way!