Week 17 w/c 25th March 2013

With no midweek games, the focus switched to the bar and getting things rolling, it still feels too messy for my liking – the hand over to the new management has taken place, but there still seems to be more questions than answers in my mind…but, I am determined that I am not lumbered with all the responsibility this time around, so am going to have to sit back and bite my tongue…

On Wednesday night a meeting was called for the new management to meet with the “engine room”, the people that do things around the club and know about the day to day going-ons. The initial plan was for it to be the likes of community reps, the match day office, the guys from the comedy club, my Dad, myself and the Chairman… unfortunately the Chairman could not make it and sent an email to the whole Board advising of the meeting and suggesting they go – That had the potential to turn it into something it should never have been.

Fortunately most of the Board could not make the meeting and, to be honest it was all a bit of a waste of time; at one stage I actually felt as though I was being interviewed about what I do for the club, rather than supposing to be one of the people there that tells others what should be happening… Bite your tongue Alan.

My other major fear is the way we seem to be deteriorating into a bit of a free for all; the Indians and the Chiefs getting in a bit of a muddle with too many fingers in the pie. As an example, the meeting above, I was advised about by my Dad and two other people (neither of which are Directors) – That is not to blame any individual, but if we do not have people taking responsibility then we are going to have people doing the bits they do want to do, with nobody left feeling responsible for the shitty jobs that still need doing.

There was more good news in the fact that the bank has agreed to our wish for a holiday period on the loan repayment, that will save us around £1,300 a month between now and the end of the financial year, but that is about the only action that has been taken from the Board Meeting where we were supposed to be dealing with a financial crisis. The playing budget remains the same as it has been all season.

That said, the decision to not throw in the towel and keep the budget at the same level continues to be paying off on the pitch. Saturday’s 1-0 win over Bideford was certainly not a classic, but we continued that art of grinding out results when we need to, including this match which was our ninth win in ten games. After dominating the first half and having only one goal to show for it, Chesham were nearly made to pay for not wrapping the game up and finished grateful to hear the final whistle.

The only goal of the game came from JP on the half hour mark. The play-offs are no longer such a silly idea.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the Owner is prepared to back the promotion push (wow, that sounds weird, but it really is a promotion push again now I guess), but that in itself brings problems. The Chairman is not brave enough to tell the Owner what the actual money is paid out each week, so we are not getting the full amount paid over from him, but also he is only paying the nett payments, so we are building up increased tax and NI bills which each month you just know will get people going, “blimey, why is that so high?”

In the Boardroom at half-time the Chairman introduced me to a new guy that I was told the Chairman was bringing onto the Board. Not a bad thing, blimey don’t we need it, but I must admit it came out of the blue.

The new Director is an accountant who lives in Leighton Buzzard, runs his own business and has good football knowledge at this level. Prior to being enticed over to Chesham he had started to step forward to help Leighton Town out who are getting themselves into a bit of a financial mess by all accounts. Talking to him, they are crying out for someone to produce some management accounts and do some forecasting… Just as Chesham was seven years ago before Charles Manchester came to town.

As I say, I was genuinely delighted that we were looking to get some fresh blood on the Board, even if I was surprised about it happening, and a little put out by the way it was put to me that we need someone to put together a budget and understand the figures – Er, no, we have the figures and the forecast, what we need is some Directors that can be bothered to read the bloody thing! Anyway, we were chatting again after the game when Andy Leese walked past the window, saw us chatting, pulled a strange face and waved at us with a big kid grin on his face.

“You know Andy then?”I enquired

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