week 11: w/c 11th February 2018

Frome Home

A hectic football management week kicked off early on Monday with another call to Andy and a conversation with the Chairman, a man who has very much become a reluctant Chairman. A situation I can sympathise with, the pressure of the finance drains any enjoyment you might otherwise have felt. Your head tells you that the playing budget has to be cut, lots of things must be cut…but the heart, ah the heart, the most influential organ in the body – that tells you something completely different. Continue reading “week 11: w/c 11th February 2018”

Week 7: w/c 14th January 2013

Hitchin away / Arlesey at home

Hitchin have opted to play their midweek matches on a Monday night, presumably an attempt to combat the threat of clashing with Champions League football on the television and having the crowd decimated as a result. I am a little surprised that more clubs have not attempted that, though you do still face the competition of Monday night Premiership football on Sky (in fact, it is almost impossible to avoid coming up against an easy alternative for the armchair supporter such is the way that football on the gogglebox has expanded – 3.00pm on a Saturday is the only time you can be sure of avoiding a clash). Continue reading “Week 7: w/c 14th January 2013”

A Look Back 6 Years (Part 1):Different shaped ball adds to weekend

Tidying up and transferring some articles from my old blog site to new, I found a couple that related to my son’s insistance on turning to the oval-shaped ball and how it has changed my sporting life – For old time’s sake, I thought I’d add the articles to this new site. I enjoyed reading back, key moments in my life that made me feel a very proud Dad, hope you  enjoy it too… Continue reading “A Look Back 6 Years (Part 1):Different shaped ball adds to weekend”

Glad it isn’t me!

What a crazy weekend, the old cliche about England grinding to a halt as soon as we get a little bit of snowfall so true once again…but then why wouldn’t it? How much should we spend preparing for something that seems to happen once every two or three years? Anyway, enough of that, for me it just meant a busy sporting weekend became a quiet one…and then the repercussions.
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A Munster Away Day

“IT’S YOU…YOU TWO FECKERS…IT’S YOUR FAULT…After I showed you around Dublin this morning as well, you pair of Feckers…How dare you beat us like that!”

Ben and I were sat in the quiet departure lounge at Dublin airport on Saturday evening when the voice came bellowing across from the entrance to the lounge from the security area. The guy was carrying a Munster flag, wearing a red shirt and a huge smile as he laughed the words out.

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Let’s start with a big thank you to everyone who sponsored Ben and I on our walk to Wembley from Allianz Park, between us we raised nearly £300 for University College Hospital Cancer Fund, collectively the efforts from Sarries fans raised over £15,000 I’m led to believe. Brilliant.

The walk itself was very enjoyable, the result of the match was perfect…but there’s something not quite right about the annual Wembley circus when Saracens play Harlequins.

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More than one way to skin a cat

I never dreamt that one day I would ever be jealous of a football team that play in pink.

Back in my Chesham United supporting prime, my early 20’s – no responsibilities, no family to support and no kids to bring up – we had some fantastic days. At times my views and opinions, especially in some of the fanzines produced, did not go down particularly well, but as supporters I think we forged some pretty good relationships that epitomised non-league football.

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